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Vivian Rosenthal

Frequency Breathwork

Vivian Rosenthal, Frequency Founder

Vivian is a visionary healer, breathwork teacher and spiritual guide who creates collective spaces for awakening and transformation. She is an architect of sacred spaces, and the creator of Frequency, a breathwork organization and Diamond Rose Sanctuary, a retreat center in CT.

Based on the Latin inspirare (“to breathe or blow into”), Vivian is an inspiratrix, one who breathes life into others. Her beathwork journeys are quantum cosmic Psychoactivations, allowing people to access higher heart consciousness and self-love by unlocking DMT endogenously in the brain. Vivian is a certified Breathwork teacher and a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. She brings a deep compassion to those she works with and an embodied wisdom from walking the path of healing herself. Previously Vivian co-founded LAVVA, a plant based yogurt and ran an incubator for Google. She received an BA from Brown University and a Masters in Architecture from Columbia University.