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COVID-19 Policies & Guidelines


The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on our city and on the world. At SOUK, we are committed to following all federal, state, and local guidelines, and we appreciate your cooperation in keeping our community as healthy and safe as possible.



Consistent with federal and state guidance, and NYC requirements, we no longer require that students be vaccinated to participate in in-person yoga classes.



Notwithstanding vaccination status, the following mitigating and preventative measures will remain in place for all students:

• All students are encouraged to wash their hands with soap and warm water or by utilizing hand sanitizer immediately upon entry into SOUK. Soap and Hand Sanitizers are readily available for use.
• Any student who experiences COVID-19 symptoms or who otherwise experiences symptoms consistent with a transmittable illness, should not enter SOUK.
• Any student who is in close contact with someone who has COVID must test daily. If negative, the student can enter SOUK to practice but must wear a mask for 6 consecutive days after first exposure.



SOUK practice rooms have built in air purification units manufactured by Intellipure. These Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) units are designed to filter the air by meeting or exceeding all HEPA standards.

The practice rooms also have standalone air purifier units designed by MeidfyAir.



SOUK will ensure that all bathrooms on its premises, and commons areas are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. SOUK will also station air purifiers throughout the space and will open the windows to allow circulation of outside air when weather and other circumstances permit.

The CDC has indicated that the risk of transmission through “porous,” or “soft,” items, such as blankets or bolsters, is low and, as a practical matter, SOUK cannot commit to cleaning such items on a daily basis. Any student utilizing these items assumes the risk of doing so. Students may, alternatively, bring their own “soft” items. Beyond this, students should assume items in the Institute have not been cleaned unless SOUK has expressly stated as much in this or another writing.



SOUK anticipates that all students will readily adhere to all of these guidelines given that they are intended to benefit everyone’s health and safety and allow SOUK to open consistent with federal and New York State law. However, in the event a student refuses to comply with any of these guidelines, or otherwise refuses a directive from a SOUK employee or teacher intended to promote adherence with these guidelines, SOUK reserves the right to refuse entry to any such student.



As you know, the guidance issued by federal, state and local agencies changes frequently and its applicability to certain circumstances is not always clear. SOUK reserves the right to modify these guidelines with or without notice as may be necessary to comply with legal and other directives.

We welcome any questions or concerns you have, and we welcome any suggestions you may have to assist SOUK in continuing to serve its students in a safe, healthy, and enjoyable manner. Please direct all such matters to the SOUK Studio Team at


Download Covid Policy PDF