Sound Meditation Experience with Franck Raharinosy & Viktoryia Kukandzina


Intuitive sound practitioner Franck Raharinosy will be guiding a custom-tailored experience of meditation and deep listening bathed in the sounds of rich and immersive instruments.

Meditation & Mortality


Contemplate on what is important in life in light of our mortality.

Come and explore The Nine Contemplations of Death, a path to enlightenment from the Tibetan Buddhist scholar Atisha. Together, we will consider how to apply his teachings in a modern-day context and reflect on our own lives through stories and lessons from the dying and meditation.   Please join Virginia Chang, Ph.D., Jivamukti yoga teacher and certified end-of-life doula of Till The Last , in this meditation series on living well through the lenses of death and dying.

The themes for the 10 sessions of Meditation & Mortality are as follows:

Session 1: Introduction to Meditation & Mortality: I Am Living, I Am Dying
Session 2: Contemplation #1: Death is Inevitable
Session 3: Contemplation #2: Our Life Span is Decreasing
Session 4: Contemplation #3: Death Will Come
Session 5: Contemplation #4: Our Life Span is Uncertain
Session 6: Contemplation #5: Death Has Many Causes
Session 7: Contemplation #6: The Human Body is Fragile
Session 8: Contemplation #7: Love Cannot Keep Us from Death
Session 9: Contemplation #8: My Things Are of No Use at Death
Session 10: Contemplation #9: The Body Will Die
Sessions 1-5:  every Friday evening at 6:30 pm from September 30 to October 28, 2022
Sessions 6-10:  dates TBD, April 2023

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Luminous Soul: Saturday Meditation & Yoga Sutra Session with Manorama


In these quarterly Luminous Soul: Meditation & Yoga Sutra Sessions with Manorama, you will chant, meditate, and listen as Manorama offers translation and commentary on how to work with, understand and apply these sutras to your life.

Deepen your practice and immerse in the study of the Yoga Sutra.

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SOUK Sound Full Moon Sound Healing with Primavera Salva


Working with our breath as the silver lining that connects to life and all live beings, we will work to recalibrate our nervous system to release stress and then relax into a sound healing experience, remembering that you are your own healer. Expect a very restorative evening. No experience necessary.

SOUK Yearly members receive 10% OFF


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Special Class with Rima Rabbath & Elena Brower.


Samadhi: A New Way of Being Rather than a distant, future attainment, samadhi can be your practice. Your way of celebrating what’s contributing to your well-being right now, of savoring the aspects of your life that offer ease and contentment. Join birthday sisters Rima and Elena as they share their birthday across the country; Rima live at SOUK, Elena live from her home studio in Santa Fe. Delight in Rima’s chanting, Elena’s opening sequencing, Rima’s Jivamukti teaching, Elena’s closing postures and meditation. We look forward to serving you as we celebrate together.

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Colleen and Rodney special class


A balanced open level class that will leave you feeling grounded and open, strong and mobile, steady and joyful and alert and relaxed.

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Colleen Saidman Yee

Rodney Yee

Lila Journey


Our experimental sonic journey inward invites you to explore extraordinary states of consciousness in a safe and supportive setting.

Join us on an intimate exploration of consciousness.

The feminine spirit of freedom needs to be courted, romanced. It can’t be rushed. On this special night of communion, we make space and invite her in.

True freedom is only arrived at by virtue of clear, yet flexible, boundaries, a container within which we can become the artists of our own lives. We inquire about our personal inner and outer entrapments, in our relationships, work, home, bodies and spirits, so that we can begin to loosen the grip. We take an honest look at our self-victimization, the way our suffering serves to validate our separateness, the heavy weight of our concerns, memories, thoughts, opinions, plans and expectations. We take a deep dive into our nature, our humanness, where we are unburdened by agendas and can relax into being.

On this special night, we lighten up. We stop interfering and pushing, and take flight.

Dress code: SKY HIGH



Looking to be less triggered? More compassionate and spacious with those around you? Sign up for this fun, expansive immersion with this Sydney based facilitator.

In an increasingly complex, polarized world, your capacity to skillfully relate both to and with reality (without running away from it) is an essential asset. By learning how to try on new perspectives without personalizing, you will be able to access a way of experiencing life that may otherwise go missed.

From this 2.5 hour workshop, you will take away an impactful, practical and proven methodology to maneuver more skillfully through challenging situations and conversations in your life. You will also gain insight into your own native perspectives, and your own specific opportunities for growth and further expansion.

Nathan Morse is a Sydney based teacher, coach and facilitator. Following a past life on Struggle Street, he did an Eat Pray Love to do his journey of self discovery. In clearing himself of old conditioning, he realised he could be of service to others who might be struggling in similar ways to how he was. He now travels with his business BODY // MIND // FLOW – a framework of practices, tools and processes to guide others to a more easeful, peaceful life.

Playing the Instrument with Nevine Michaan


A Katonah breathing and meditation practice.
Tuning, playing one’s mind, body, and breath.