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How Did You Hear About Us?

SHALA YOGA w Barbara & Kristin


Our beloved old-school Shala vinyasa classes emphasize the breath-movement connection and intelligent, creative sequencing. All major categories of postures are included for a strong, steady, well-rounded practice. Taught monthly by co-directors of The Shala, Barbara Verrochi or Kristin Leigh.

Drop in class rate or apply your current SOUK class pack/membership.

Monthly Sacred CACAO CEREMONY + Sound Bath


With great joy we welcome our circle to reunite. Sarah and Jarrod are honored to come together to serve cacao and create a nurturing evening of healing and connection.

In this sacred ceremony, we will honor Mother Earth & expand our potential through the medicine of cacao and of sound.

The cacao spirit is a feminine and powerful teacher, who can assist us in:

-releasing old stories
-cleansing negativity
-opening your heart
-connecting to the feminine/ Mother Earth
-increasing creativity
-feeling uplifted
-remembering the divine within you!

With the Cacao Spirit and the healing power of gong and drum, let us receive divine messages and inspiration!

We will sit in a traditional circle and drink ceremonial strength cacao at the beginning of the ceremony.

Please do not eat 2 hours before the ceremony to let the cacao goddess have her full effect.

All are welcome to join!

Please register early as space is limited.

Love All Parts – Art Therapy Workshop


An Art and Meditation Workshop on Compassion, Lovingkindness, and Self-Love

– No Art or Meditation Necessary
– Art Materials will be provided and made accessible

Lovingkindness or Metta practice is a sacred Buddhist meditation practice of offering love and well wishes to ourselves and others. In this workshop we will use the Lovingkindness framework to explore the specific gesture of offering love and compassion to ourselves. Through meditation and art making we will create a space to honor all parts of ourselves and deepen our self-compassion.

No art or meditation experience necessary!! A variety of mixed media materials, collage and supplies will be offered to make this easy and fun for all.

10% discount for SOUK All-In Members

SOUK Sound with George MacPherson and William Berk


Offer yourself the gift of this two hour sonic meditation experience to deepen your practice with breathwork, vocal toning and a soundscape developed with a range of overtone-emitting instruments including drum, chimes, antique Tibetan singing bowls, Symphonic gong, and more, created by Sound Meditation facilitators George MacPherson and William Berk.

This extended, guided sound meditation guides you, as the active participant, on your own journey toward the neutral, equanimous mind; an expansive, spacious state of consciousness. The focus and invitation lays the path of re-establishing harmony, within, and without.

10% discount for SOUK ALL-IN members

Reconnect : Breathwork & Sound Healing Session with Primavera Salvá


Working with our breath as the silver lining that connects to life and all live beings, we will work to recalibrate our nervous system to release stress and then relax into a sound healing experience, remembering that you are your own healer.

Expect a very restorative evening. No experience necessary.

A Land Healing and Mandala Creation Ceremony for SOUK


Bring an offering for the land and the building.

All donations go to support Make Conscious land healing initiatives, bringing us back into right relationship with mother earth through listening to indigenous stories, conscious creation, ceremony, yoga, sacred geometry, gridding, energy work, and more.

Jessica Kung’s relationship with the land opened up when she sat with the land in the Chiracahua mountains in Arizona for what was supposed to have been a 3 year, 3 month, 3 day silent retreat at the Diamond Mountain Retreat Center. Much was revealed, many lessons learned, and many teachings were received. The main teachings from silence for Jessica was and continues to be, learning to sit with the land, and quieting your mind enough to hear something other than your own story. In silence you begin to hear the story of the land.

Jessica is the founder of Make Conscious cross-disciplinary design studio, applying ancestral wisdom traditions and contemplative processes to contemporary art, architecture, landscape, and design.

Join Jessica and Rima for a sacred introduction to relating to and acknowledging the land by way of greeting the land of Souk and consciously creating and nurturing the mandala that is Souk studio, the heart chakra of those who seek liberation in this life.

A powerful offering and ceremony, not to be missed.




This journey of the senses will take you through a nourishing practice of energy cleansing movement, guided meditation and SOMA breathwork amplified by the sacred medicine of Palo Santo.

Facilitate healing and enhance creativity to tap into your true purpose as we connect to this botanical treasure. As you clear out negative patterns, space will be created to become the conduit of your source energy to recalibrate your nervous system, leaving you grounded and at peace. Every attendee will receive a personal Palo Santo gift from Maison Palo Santo that directly supports the annual planting of thousands of Palo Santo trees.

This is a fun event, welcoming all levels. Wear comfy clothes and refrain from eating at least one hour before. Guaranteed to leave smiling!

About your guide:

Mimi Daraa is the founder of Maison Palo Santo, 500 hr CYT and SOMA certified Breathwork Instructor. She is on a mission to transform lives by connecting people to their innate creative potential through the power of Palo Santo and daily rituals. She sources all her Palo Santo close to her home in Ecuador and spreads the Palo Santo love with the harmonious combination of scent, rhythmic breathing and awesome beats for maximum benefit of the mind, body and soul.

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Sound Meditation with Alexandre Tannous


The Sound Meditation is a transportive sonic journey meditation which starts with a talk about sound, spirituality, and consciousness. It’ll be followed by breathing exercises, toning and vocalization, and guided visualizations to bring the body to a state of attunement to go inward, which will be followed by the sound work with a collection of instruments such as gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, and other various overtone-rich instruments.

The goal is to enable participants to disengage their undesirable habitual patterns and to empower positive cognitive change.

Introduction to AYURVEDA



Join Ali Cramer, Souk teacher and author of “Modern Ayurveda: Rituals, Recipes, and Remedies for Balance” for this interactive introduction to the Practices of Ayurveda. Often called the “Sister Science” to Yoga, Ayurveda introduces principles that can empower us with a plan of action for individualized self care.

There will be lecture, time for Q&A, and yummy Ayurvedic food and tonic. No prior knowledge necessary.

10% Discount for SOUK ALL-IN members

Breathe Stretch Release (BSR) Workshop with Rich Mancuso


A stretching & deep relaxation combination that’ll open you up for a deeper breathwork

Stretching with Strength to gain more flexibility in our bodies – engaging our fascia and scar tissue to help open up our muscle length. We’ll learn how to apply this to our yoga practice. This modality will also open us up for a deeper breathing experience (45

Breathwork will be a 2 modality combination – holotropic & circulatory (Wim Hof style), to release trapped emotions and excess energies in our bodies (45 minutes). Yoga Nidra, yogic sleep, a deep calming form of meditation done in savasana pose (25 minutes).

10% Discount for SOUK ALL-IN members