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Charities Of Choice

AZAHAR Foundation: Our Charity of Choice

AZAHAR Foundation’s Charity of Choice initiative was born out of a deep desire to connect and collaborate with like-minded organizations and brands to amplify the impact of consciousness practices.

SOUK Yoga Studio NYC has named AZAHAR Foundation their Charity of Choice.  At SOUK, we believe that everyone yearns to be seen, stretched, and strengthened. We have innovated the way we move, connect, and exchange post-pandemic and we love AZAHAR Foundation’s avant-garde approach to peacebuilding and social change. We feel that our inclusion-oriented values unite our dharma and align our paths. Together, we celebrate diversity and the unconventional.

We know that together we can pave the way for individual self-inquiry and societal reflection.  By selecting AZAHAR Foundation as our Charity of Choice we are jointly contributing to creating a culture of peace and bridging the societal divide through the conscious practices of yoga, meditation, arts, meaningful conversations, and spiritual activism.

What does the AZAHAR Foundation Charity of Choice partnership entail?

  • We appeal to the social need for connection by promoting platforms and events that raise funds to support our initiatives.
  • We promote the exchange of ideas and actions that empower societies to heal and thrive.
  • We provide spaces to facilitate social innovation, consciousness, breath, voice and movement-oriented approaches to healing.
  • We bridge the divide of race, social class, gender, and political preferences through meaningful conversations that promote tolerance, equality, and human dignity.

Let’s create a culture of peace through the conscious practices of yoga, meditation, and the arts! You can come along for the ride: s

Visit to stay tuned for ongoing event details and ideas about how to contribute to the movement.

PEACE IS POSSIBLE (AZAHAR Foundation’s Institutional video)


CASA-NYC: Our Charity of Choice

CASA-NYC’s mission is to ensure that young people involved in the NYC child welfare system have their needs met and rights protected, and that children in foster care are moved quickly into safe, stable, nurturing and permanent homes – with their families of origin whenever possible.



Planned Parenthood: Our Charity Of Choice