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Post-Covid Soul: A Soukful Revolution

May 25, 2022

Pumping beats, a gold ceiling, a packed out floor of writhing sweaty bodies all moving in unison. A casual moment for that Union Square institution on any day of the week in the city that never sleeps, especially that one Thursday evening post-work.

This was not, however, a nightclub: It was Jivamukti Manhattan, a mecca for so many yoga practitioners and spirit seekers. I was taken there by someone I would call a coolhunter with ease. There was no space for a water bottle, let alone another mat. Regardless, I was called forth and space was found.

Having spent a big chunk of my life losing myself exploring dance floors, I would leave these moments with an infusion of joy in my heart, and yet still feel grounded. The high, and yet no come-down…? YES PLEASE. That experience prompted several more years of practice with the school. It was my destination in the city, until in December 2019 it closed its doors. *Gutting for many, to say the least!

And then Covid hit. Which doesn’t really need more words to narrate how shitty it’s been. Amongst all the rough crap from this wonky period of time are emerging some real diamonds of note (lotus and the mud, and all that). Let’s talk about SOUK YOGA STUDIO, on New York’s W27th Street. I was fortunate enough to visit on my recent reunion with the city.

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