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9 Ways to Find Your Flow at Home, According to Gaia Repossi and More Fashionable Yogis

Zoe Ruffner

March 24, 2020

In these troubling times, more and more people are taking to the yoga mat to find peace of mind, but staying zen in the same rooms in which you sleep, eat, and, now, work does not come without its own set of struggles. With this in mind, Vogue turned to three fashionable yogis—Paris-based jeweler and Ashtanga devotee Gaia Repossi, brand consultant and wellness expert Robyn Berkley, and swimwear designer and newly certified yoga teacher Melisa Denizeri—to find out how they find their flow without the help of a local studio’s feel-good vibes or a beloved teacher’s healing touch. Rest assured: “It doesn’t have to be overwhelming!” says Denizeri, admitting that she often opts for just a simple sphinx pose at the end of the day while watching The Rachel Maddow Show. From a motivation-boosting trick to the best online classes to stream now, here are their top tips for practicing yoga at home.

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