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Asana In Focus: Mountain Pose

Asana In Focus: Tadasana (Mountain Pose) - NYC Yoga Studio - SOUK Studio

Tadasana: Mountain Pose. 

Does how you stand inform how you think or does how you think inform how you stand?

In yoga we use physical posture to affect our mental state. Specifically, we use the arms and legs to gain access to the spine, the great highway of information that connects to the brainstem.

How we distribute our weight on our feet affects how the body experiences gravity.

When the spine doesn’t feel support coming to it from the arms and legs, it feels strained, lending to a feeling of fatigue that dulls the mind. When the body feels light in how it is interfacing with gravity, the mind acquires agility.

Tadasana: Mountain Pose
Pose of The Month


  • Evenly distributing weight through the feet, heels and toes, not bearing the body weight just on the heels, or just on the inner & outer edges of the feet
  • As the feet press down, actively draw the legs towards the pelvis
  • Inner thighs pressing apart, outer thighs hugging in
  • Pubic bone lifts
  • Extend the arms to lift the sternum and broaden the chest
  • Mobilize arms and legs towards the spine
Asana In Focus: Tadasana (Mountain Pose) - NYC Yoga Studio - SOUK Studio