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In-Class Private™ (ICP)

This may be the best yoga class you’ve ever taken. During a regular class, a certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher individually assists you throughout, refining and adding depth to your practice. In their skillful hands, you are comfortably guided through each and every movement of the class experience. Whether you are a practitioner looking to clarify alignment of asanas in your own body or you are a teacher interested in learning adjustments, in an ICP the teacher capably offers hands-on assists & modifications to further the student’s experience of themselves in Yoga.

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Private Class (1:1)

Get the individualized attention you need to either start or deepen your practice. Whether you are new to Yoga and would like to get familiar with the poses prior to taking a group class. Or you are a seasoned practitioner looking to master certain aspects of your practice. Or perhaps you are recovering from an injury and are looking to create strength, stability and mobility moving forward in your practice. A private yoga class is customized to you by our experienced SOUK teachers.

For pricing, please inquire by sending an email to: