Meet Bibi Lorenzetti - NYC Ashtanga Yoga Instructor - SOUK Studio

Bibi Lorenzetti

Ashtanga Yoga

Originally from Italy, Bibi is the co-owner of Newburgh Yoga Shala. Bibi has been teaching for over 10 years and is both an RYT Certified Yoga Instructor and a Level 2 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, having received her blessing to teach from Paramaguru R. Sharath Jois, at the KPJAYI Institute in Mysore, India, where she spends time yearly since 2011.

The Shala Yoga House in NYC was her teaching home before opening her own studio in Newburgh; she’s brought Ashtanga Yoga to Wanderlust Festivals, Wanderlust TV, teacher trainings in Europe, North and Central America. Bibi believes in the profound intelligence and many benefits of the classical practices of Yoga.

Her teaching is rooted in her own disciplined and dedicated practice; her classes guide you to use asana as a tool for deep inner growth, threading breath and movement to cultivate body awareness, steadiness of mind, and a healthy, ease-filled life. Bibi is forever grateful to her teachers and mentors, Kristin Leigh, Barbara Verocchi and Eddie Stern, for how they shaped her experience of yoga and continue to guide her through the ever evolving process.

She has been featured on WanderlustTV, Vogue Magazine, Netflix documentary ‘On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace’, Ekam Inhale online Magazine, Ashtanga Yoga Parampara, the Finding Harmony Podcast, Ashtanga Yoga Parampara, Dharma Talks Podcast, Ekam Inhale, Heartbreak Kids Podcast, and many other online forums and podcasts.

Bibi has privately taught many high-profile entertainers including Madonna. She intends to share the transformative and healing practice of Yoga with you through accessible, intelligent, and adaptable instruction.