Janet Stone

Janet Stone Yoga

Janet Stone’s yoga journey began at 17 under Maharaji, her meditation teacher, whose reverence for simplicity and joy live on in her practice and teachings to this day. She shares from the depth of her own sadhana (sustained practice), her studentship in the eight-limbed path, her creative approach to asana, and her reverence for bhakti (devotional, heart-centered yoga, including chanting mantra). With over thirty years in studentship to the practice and twenty years of teaching, Janet offers classes that challenge students to investigate what they think they know, to hold compassion for what they discover within themselves, and to remember presence, the long view and the radical depth of our interconnectedness.

In 1996, Janet traveled to India, the birthplace of her grandfather, and became dedicated to the path of yoga. Based in San Francisco, California, she now shares the teachings through retreats, workshops, teacher trainings, an online platform, and three devotional albums filled with heart-centered mantra.