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How Did You Hear About Us?

Primavera Salvá

Primavera Salvá is a Wellness, Yoga & Meditation expert bringing spiritual teachings to classrooms, individuals, special events, retreats, as well as developing customized wellness programs for modern & progressive businesses worldwide. Prior to her work as a Spiritual Teacher, Primavera Salvá spent over 15 years as Producer of Corporate Shows and Experiential Marketing Events working with Fortune 100 companies, such as IBM, Pfizer, BMS, Mercedes Benz, Conde Nast, Sotheby’s, IBM, and Unilever.

Combining her professional and spiritual backgrounds she brings a keen understanding of global challenges in her lectures, providing individuals with mindfulness and wellness tools to succeed in our hectic demanding world. She has been in the wellness and spiritual path since the early 90’s. Primavera is a certified Naam Teacher Levels I, II & III and travels internationally to train teachers in these modalities. She is also a Harmonyum healer, certified Kundalini Teacher, pre-natal and children’s yoga teacher. Since the early 90’s, Primavera has studied mystical practices under the wing of indigenous shamans from her natal Mexico, Buddhist teachers and Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, founder of Naam and Rootlight. Primavera is also the co-founder of Shakti Rituals, where she teaches ancient spiritual wisdom to empower the modern woman to lead from the heart.

Through her signature program, Transform with Love and Shakti Rituals, Primavera has helped hundreds of individuals and organizations to become the masters of their own life and experience significant transformation from the inside, out.

Saturday, February 18 2023

01:00 PM
Duration: 105min

SOUK Sound Reconnect w Primavera Salvá

Working with our breath as the silver lining that connects to life and all live beings, we will work to recalibrate our nervous system to release stress and then relax into a sound healing experience, remembering that you are your own healer. Expect a very restorative evening. No experience necessary.

Primavera Salvá

In Person

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