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Models, Athletes, and Yogis Instruct on the Art of Selecting a Yoga Mat


October 25, 2022

“I like to think of my yoga mat as that one tool that keeps the distractions at bay,” says Rima Rabbath, who founded Manhattan’s new SOUK studio as a space for yoga teachers of different lineages to practice. “Fun fact: in the olden days, yogis would sit on the skin of a deer; it kept snakes away and as a result, they would remain undisturbed.” Today, vegan options serve as a space to disconnect with tech and the outside noise. “New York City can be so hectic, I needed to alternate my intense workouts with some more grounding and mindful movement,” says Belgian-born, NYC-based model Daphne Velghe. The former ballet dancer now teaches mat pilates and private reformer classes and collaborates with brands like Hermès and Splits59. “When it comes to mats, I look for durability, support, weight, and eco-consciousness.”


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